Tuesday, October 6, 2015



Unless you live in a cave somewhere in a remote area, one cannot help but feel that our government is using us, abusing us and downright lying to us on a daily basis. Our own elected officials from the president on down, from both parties and both Houses of Congress have been working overtime to destroy our nation. Watch the video and see if you agree.



  1. I just read this blog. Excellent.

    I could not agree more with the observations - except for one very key - point.

    I notice that many "older men" ( of which - this is a category I am edging towards ) anyhow - older men --- do not see completely the actual deception that is taking place. They attribute much of the current season's evils and ills to "Obama " or ISIS or whatever is being shown on mainstream news ----

    And they do not understand that these evils were always there ---- it was just that the majority of us did not take note. We were all self-absorbed with our own lives. We didn't begin to actually pay attention until recently. That is why so many attribute all of the craziness to current crop of leadership

    Our nation - the world actually - has been moving to this season that is moving us into a great time of darkness --- for at least 1 to 200 years. Actually probably since the days of Nimrod.
    America NEVER was what we all grew up believing it to be. We were all "played". Many men - with swelling , patriotic hearts - have gone off to fight for "freedom " - or so they thought

    We have been deceived for generations - possibly (likely) 100s of years.
    I don't write this to be cynical - it is just the truth.

    My point is that until we look beyond "Obama" - or other men - as the beginning of the end....
    These things have always been.
    Gods Word says so -

    The shootings are not "real" on that they have been allowed and/ or caused - to happen. ( that is a whole other story) - a cursory investigation of what I say here will prove this. There has been - for a long time - a system of mind control - literally.

    Then we have terrorism. Worldwide.
    ISIS was created by the CIA. It is common knowledge that we armed and funded the "rebel" cells that we now call ISIS.
    Our entire world system of finance is based on DEBT.
    This one thing alone - goes against God's word of not charging "usury" - no high interest - on money.

    Then we have a world-wide effort of funding abortions - and have you ever seen when a property is taken from some older person - because they owe a few thousand dollars in "taxes"?
    These two things -again- go against God's word - "the only true religion : visiting widows and children in their affliction ..." Instead - we are so evil (as a people) that we VISIT affliction on widows and children by taking their homes and killing babies.

    We are WAY overdue as a nation - for judgement. Those of us who cry for the evils committed will be protected by God and His Holy angels. We have examples in the Word for this.

    The LORD bless you and keep you --- David

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave such an excellent comment. I am 70 years old, and I have known (or at least felt) that we were being played like a fine violin ever since I was about 10 or 11 years old. Humans have been pawns ever since Eden. However, I believe that things have gotten far worse ever since Obama usurped the office of president. The ink was hardly dry on the Constitution when those in government began violating it, but no president, no administration has violated it more openly, more brazenly then Obama. The members of Congress (House and Senate, Democrats and Republicans) allowed it to happen, not because they feared Obama, but because they supported what he was doing. What really concerns me, is that there aren't enough Christians who are brave enough to rise up and stop or at least try to stop all of this.

      May the LORD bless and protect you and yours in these times of great darkness and despair.