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POSTED ON: 7/8/2017

 We have recently celebrated the 241st anniversary of the founding of the United States of America, which was accomplished at a great cost to our Founders, but as I hear and see so many ignorant citizens of our nation today, who have been purposely dumbed down in our leftist controlled education system, to the point of lacking any true knowledge of the Constitution of the United States or of the history of our founding, extol the dubious virtues of socialism/communism, along with open borders and unfettered immigration, I can only wonder just how many more anniversaries this nation will have.



  1. Archbishop Gregori, I appreciate your strength and courage. You are a warrior for Christ. For the past 3 years I have fought communist core and the UNESCO agendas that have entered public, private, and religious schools…mostly I have been fighting for the souls of children in local Catholic schools, who are being indoctrinated with secular humanist beliefs and lies about our country, Islam, and other subjects via secular textbooks, common core-aligned computer adaptive tests, technology that collects psychometric data & shares data with 3rd parties to support progressive policies, & humanist discipline/counseling programs that lead to relativism…(one of which was created by a person [calls herself Catholic] who wrote sex ed for a UN organization). Also, most Catholic schools are using an additional data collection program owned by a foreign corporation, and the Libyan Investment Authority is one of its top investors. No one will listen. Parents are so dumbed down and the priests are as well. There is little to no discernment…nor knowledge of truth…to lead the souls of children in the direction of what is truly good, true, and beautiful. What is true, good, and beautiful is all relative these days or defined by the UN. It seems that most parents and priests only care about money and are giddy about accepting vouchers (making deals with the govt at the cost of the faith and selling out the souls of children via the latest and greatest education fads/standards) and data mining technology. I am physically and emotionally exhausted trying to do what I thought God wanted me to do….fight to save the Faith, the souls of children, and the future of our country. But there are not enough people willing to join this fight, so the battle has been lost. My heart is broken because we cannot find a priest who truly cares about souls. We cannot find a church that is true to the Faith. I want my children to attend mass, but I cannot attend communist core churches with priests, who have been so condescending when I try to talk to them about the corruption that has infiltrated Catholic schools and is endangering the souls of children and usurping their Constitutional rights via incorrect and misleading information in their classrooms. My son’s 3rd grade Catholic school teacher, who was one of the older teachers and considered the best teacher in the school, told me that she honestly didn’t know if our country was a Democracy or a Constitutional Republic. There is nothing else I can do, except retreat. There is no priest nor church in our vicinity (that I know of) whom I can consult or seek refuge. It is truly depressing, especially on the Sabbath. We need missionary priests in our area who know the Faith, the Truth, and care about souls. Please see the following link that lays out the future of global “education” brought to us by Russia and embraced by Catholic schools…slides 10 and onward are very disturbing. Examples on slides regarding the global education plan: Brain Fitness Technologies, Psycho-Pharm, Thought Transfer Protocol, BigData Analysis of Everyday Behavior Patterns, ‘Strong’ Artificial Intelligence, Shift in Patterns of Family Organization and Childhood, Billion Student University (means every heartbeat monitored and indoctrinated on global computer system), Working and Living in Blended Virtual and Real Worlds, Gradual Gamification of Life, etc. One wonders if children will even be allowed free will in the future. My heart aches for the souls of the children. God bless you! I am glad to know there is one other soul who feels as passionate as I do about preserving our Faith and Constitutional Republic.

    1. Dear Catherine, I understand completely what you are saying, and it really saddens me. Even where I live, it is a real uphill battle to combat the dumbing down of students and the immoral things that our schools are feeding our children on a daily basis. I get disheartened, but one cannot just give up. I left the Roman Catholic Church many years ago, back when I was 14 (I am now 72) and became an Orthodox Catholic, because shortly after Vatican II I saw the hand writing on the wall as to where the Roman Catholic Church was headed.

      I would suggest that you try and find an Orthodox Church near you (preferably a Greek Orthodox Church) and one with a school. If not, then try to home school your son, there is a lot of information on line for homeschooling. If you are able to, may I suggest that you contact other like minded parents in your area and form a home school coalition to split the cost of homeschooling (the cost of lesson materials, etc.) and to set up schedules to take turns with the teaching responsibilities. All studies have shown that home schooled students do far better on college entrance exams.

      I hope this information is of help to you. God bless.



      If you prefer to stay with the Roman Catholic Church, then perhaps one of their Eastern Rite Churches may be right for you, such as the Byzantine Melkite Church, Ukrainian Byzantine Church or the Maronite Catholic Church, all of which are under the Roman Catholic Jurisdiction.

    2. Thank you, Archbishop Gregori! I am currently homeschooling and love it! Trying to raise children who will swim against the tide! Now we'll be looking for another church. It will be the 4th church since moving to Wisconsin 4 years ago. Your suggestions on which churches to look for are very helpful! Thank you! :-)